GP-2000K-1/GP-2000K-3/GP-2000K-6 Externally Piloted Diaphragm-Operated Pressure-Reducing Valves


Air-loaded valves for steam

A high-performance externally air-piloted pressure-reducing valve, the GP-2000K-1/GP-2000K-3/GP-20000K-6 is an ideal choice when set-point changes are frequent and access to the PRV is difficult. The valve comes totally assembled and requires no field installation except downstream sensing line and air connection.

High Cv, 20:1 turndown ratio and accurate control +/-1% of pressure set point from 5% to 100% of flow. A rugged ductile iron body, hardened stainless steel working parts, double stainless steel diaphragms and in-line repairability add up to reliability on the job. Single-seated for dead-end service.

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