Energy System Services

Energy System Services

Only Campbell-Sevey can back the industry leading boiler, HVAC, and steam system products we sell with our superior level of consulting services, training and support. We are driven to exceed the expectations of process and design-build engineers, plant managers, operation engineers and on-site technicians by providing them energy system consulting services.

Application Engineering

We have the deep product knowledge to assist our customers in navigating through the many product choices and design features of the varied products in today’s markets.

Start-Up and

Want to improve your overall plant efficiency? We can assist you by studying how your energy is currently utilized and using the products we have available coupled with our in-house knowledge to provide solutions.


We work directly with contractors during the design/build process to ensure optimum structure design and provide supervision during the installation.

System Assessments

We work hand-in-hand with the commissioning and start-up crews and take an active role in the process.

Attend Our Steam Conservation Seminars

Who works with us?

When collaborating with you, we consider all the ways you can increase your energy efficiency by replacing inefficient equipment with high-efficiency equipment to take advantage of energy rebate programs:

  • Process and Design-Build Engineers rely on our energy system aptitude, engineering guidance, and installation supervision.
  • Plant Managers call on us to conduct utility systems studies, recommend core projects and implement custom solutions that lead to plant and process optimization.
  • Operations Engineers depend on us to pinpoint problem areas and system constraints, assist in system design and layout, and simplify the purchase and installation of parts and equipment.
  • On-Site Technicians count on us to fine-tune their system, conduct steam seminars, keep a local inventory of parts, and provide on-site training, technical assistance and emergency service.

Exceeding Expectations

We Help Energy Systems Achieve Maximum Potential. Only Campbell-Sevey can back the industry leading products we sell with our superior level of service, training and support. We are driven to exceed the expectations of our customers and provide quality energy system services.

Return on Investment

Campbell-Sevey provides the latest engineering and application advancements in energy efficient products. We can provide you with customized solutions, installation, start-up assistance, and training.

We have been named a Xcel Energy “Energy Efficiency Partner” and a CenterPoint Energy “Trade Partner” for the past 3 years.

In recognition of our work in saving our customers energy and by combining their incentive rebates to reduce capital costs with our engineered solutions to maximize efficiency, our customers realize a significant return on investment.

NEED HELP with your energy system?

From energy systems assessment to project supervision and training, Campbell-Sevey is always there when you need us. Contact us today to speak with our experienced and friendly team.