Industrial Boiler, HVAC, and Energy Systems Solutions

Energy System Solutions

Campbell-Sevey is your go-to source for energy system parts, education, and consulting that fit your industrial boiler, HVAC or steam system solution needs. You will work with our dedicated engineering team and take advantage of over eight decades of experience in every facet of energy system needs — from scheduling steam trap maintenance to skids to same-day emergency orders shipped from our facility in Minnetonka, MN.

Boiler Systems

We have the product knowledge to assist you in making proper product choices for boiler system solutions.

HVAC Systems

We are equipped to guide and support businesses and facilities on all industrial and commercial HVAC system solutions.

Steam Systems

We will help you build a Steam Boiler System Solution that works for you in your specific industry or application needs.

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Generation products are the heart of your energy systems.


Efficient distribution systems are essential at the point of use.


Utilization systems maximize efficiency once produced.


Return Systems make effective use of remaining energy.

We Work With You

  • Process and Design-Build Engineers rely on our steam system aptitude, engineering guidance and installation supervision.
  • Plant Managers call on us to conduct utility systems studies, recommend core projects and implement solutions increase optimization.
  • Operations Engineers depend on us to find problem areas, assist in system design, while simplifying the purchase-to-installation process.
  • On-Site Technicians count on us to fine-tune their system, product training, to keep local parts in inventory, and 24/7 technical support.

Return on Investment

We have been named a Xcel Energy “Energy Efficiency Partner” and a CenterPoint Energy “Trade Partner” for the past 3 years.

Xcel Energy has recognized our work in saving energy along with combining their incentive rebates to reduce your capital costs with our engineered energy system solutions to maximize efficiency and provide you a real return on your investment.

Energy System Services

We Help Energy Systems Achieve Maximum Potential. Only Campbell-Sevey can back the industry leading products we sell with our proven high level of service, training and support. We are driven to exceed your expectations by providing energy system services such as:

NEED HELP with your Energy System?

Campbell-Sevey is there when you need us! Contact our sales team to explore building a boiler system, steam system, or HVAC system solution today!