Steam System Seminars – Your Facility

Steam System Seminars – Your Facility

Whether its just you or up to 200 – let’s discuss how Campbell-Sevey can bring our steam system expertise to you. We are dedicated to helping customers find improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs in their steam, air, and water systems by offering steam system seminars (PDUs), training, tips, and videos. We have worked with every kind of steam system application and field-tested every component. Let our “Steam Team” bring our knowledge to your plant or facility.

Need a Steam System Seminar At Your Facility?

Our “Steam Team” Brings Knowledge Directly to You!

Location? Your plant or facility

Food? Yes, Lunch and Learn

The Steam Team at Campbell-Sevey has a wealth of knowledge about how to make steam systems more efficient, troubleshooting system issues, adapting systems for specific applications, new products, and much more. Now you can bring that knowledge into your plant with our Steam Team Tech Training & Tour sessions.
Each 1-hour Steam Team Tech Training session covers a specific topic directly relate to issues your technicians want to learn. These include:

Course Topics Generally Include:

  • How steam traps, coils and pumps work
  • Why valves fails
  • How to repair specific types of equipment
  • How steam systems work
  • The 5 greatest areas of steam efficiency loss
  • Any other related topic of interest.

Lasting Benefits: Practical Steam Trap Tips and Training

  • How to save energy, time and money through efficient steam trap usage
  • How to identify defective steam traps
  • How much defective traps are costing your facility
  • Guidelines for establishing a steam trap monitoring program
  • Longer service life on steam equipment

Who Should Attend?

Your Personnel responsible for overall steam system operation, maintenance and utility efficiency. Including:

  • Plant Managers and Operators
  • Operations Engineers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Energy Managers

Your Steam Team Trainers

We will create and provide a steam system seminar at your facility focused on the needs of your team – the Plant Manager, Operations Engineer, Consulting Engineer, System Contractor and System Manager – to achieve your training needs, acquire PDUs and help build a sound trusted relationship with you. We strive to be your go-to source for all your energy system performance operations, questions and product support needs.





Hosted Seminars

We offer seminars at our office too. Gain knowledge as textbook information is converted into practical field applications.

Tips & Tricks

Brochures and guide materials produced by Campbell-Sevey or our manufacturers regarding specific products in PDF format.


Video brochures and how-tos produced by Campbell-Sevey or our manufacturers regarding specific products.

Need Support?

We're here to make sure you feel comfortable on your boiler, steam, and HVAC system solution, parts and get those PDUs.

  • "When it comes to product training, Cambell-Sevey is our go-to source. Their training room at their sales office in Minnetonka, MN, is state-of-the-art and comfortable - with plenty of coffee. I always enjoy attending and you will too. Great place to pick up my required PDUs."

    John - Biofuel Industry Pipefitter/Welder