Food & Beverage Energy Systems

Food & Beverage Energy Systems

Campbell-Sevey understands how different schools and universities have different needs. We and work in conjunction with experienced architects, engineers and builders to ensure all boiler, HVAC and steam systems are efficient and of the highest quality.

Thermal Assessments

Food & Beverage Plant Energy Systems should have consistent thermal assessments to maintain safety and efficiency. We know that if your steam system was to go down, it would have a major impact that effects production, safety, and in turn consumer prices.

Choose Campbell-Sevey as your trusted source for all your Food & Beverage facility thermal assessment needs.

Product Expertise

We only sell steam, boiler and HVAC system products that are industry leaders in performance and reliability for the energy system needs of Food & Beverage buildings and facilities.

Our sales and service Engineers will be your one-stop-shop to provide the on-going steam system products and skids, technical and service support at every level of utility system design and operation.

Annual Energy Audits

From steam trap assessments to installation supervision, Campbell-Sevey is there to help you get your food & beverage facility’s energy system optimized to keep you running smoothly for years to come. If you are new to Campbell-Sevey, our initial audit will exceed your expectations and will start building your trust in us as your 24 hour source for your school’s safety and quality needs.

Food and Beverage Energy System Experts

The Campbell-Sevey professionally-trained and experienced experts can ensure your food and beverage facility has the correct industrial and commercial boiler and HVAC products to ensure maximum efficiency and potential.


Your education and support starts with hello and continues indefinitely. We support you and your energy systems at the highest level possible.


We help you conduct an in-depth audit on your energy systems to uncover any and all deficiencies, problems, and failures.


Next, we review the results to educate and recommend to improvements to energy usage, effectiveness, and efficiency.


We create detailed plans, a cost/benefit analysis and work with your team on system installation and maintenance.

Let's Meet!

Campbell-Sevey is there when you need us! Our 24-Hour Industrial and Commercial Parts and Service Line provides the food & beverage industry facilities with immediate technical support by phone at 952-935-2345 - after hours messages monitored 24/7. Emergency product orders can be shipped the same day from our facility in Minnetonka, MN.