Python® – Electric Linear Actuators


When accurate
control of your steam or water application is desired and air is not
available, the Python AEL Electric Control Valve will deliver precise
control. The electric version of the popular 1100 series control valve
is built to out perform and deliver accurate control. The AEL Series
Electric Control Valve is constructed and equipped with state of the art
industrial materials combined with the standard 1100 series main valve.

Product Features:

  • Power: 24v AC (120v AC or 240v AC available)
  • Terminal board connection
  • Pillar mechanical connection
  • Auto/Manual control
  • Control signal 4-20 ma, 0-10 volts
  • Protection class IP 67
  • High thrust capabilities
  • Electronic position control
  • Metal internal gears
  • Compact design
  • Mounts to the standard 1100 Series valve body
  • Actuators available from 1/2’’ to 4’’

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Python® – Electric Linear Actuators

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