TT Series Thermostatic Steam Traps


All stainless steel

For pressures to 300 psig (20 bar) . . .
Capacities to 3,450 lb/hr (1568 kg/hr)

The balanced-pressure bellows thermostatic steam trap has a sealed, stainless steel body that is lightweight, compact and highly resistant to corrosion. The cage, bellows, valve and seat are all assembled into a precisely calibrated operating unit that ensures positive opening and closing action at slightly below steam temperature.

The unique stainless steel construction is smaller and much lighter than comparable cast iron, brass or steel traps. TTF-1 is available with straight-thru or right-angle connections. TT-2000 with the 360° universal stainless steel connector comes with either a standard connector or the IS-2 connector with integral strainer and is adaptable to Armstrong’s Trap Valve Station (TVS).

NOTE: Can also be used as a thermostatic air vent (Refer to TTF Series Thermostatic Air Vents.)

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