Series GFH/GFHE Gas-Fired HumidiClean™


How Armstrong’s gas-fired HumidiClean works

When there is a call for humidity, the
pre-combustion safety check confirms that the duct-pressure switch, duct
high-limit humidistat and liquid-level control circuits are satisfied.
The microprocessor then signals the blower to turn on, and the
humidifier’s blower-pressure switch senses air movement.

The unit then signals the ignition-control module
to perform a purge cycle. The hot-surface igniter comes on and, after it
comes up to temperature, the gas valve opens and gas ignition occurs.
The flame-detection rod senses the presence of the flame, and combustion
is underway. The humidifier accepts a 0-10 Vdc control signal and
provides proportional output in response.

  • Uses natural gas or propane for economical operation
  • Category I/III gas-fired appliance
  • Energy cost savings in comparison to electric humidifiers
  • Wide range of humidity outputs to cover a variety of applications
  • Modulated control of steam output
  • Steam output turndown ratio of up to 30:1
  • Low NOx infrared burner
  • 82% efficiency rating
  • Ionic bed technology to reduce cleaning and maintenance

Safety features

  • Pressure switch senses air movement in the blower and back pressure on the unit
  • Ignition-control module monitors combustion of the unit
  • Flame-detection rod senses flame during combustion
  • Liquid-level control prevents a low-water condition
  • Tank low-level probe provides redundancy to avoid low-water condition
  • Stack over-temperature sensing prevents overheating
  • Tank insulation prohibits access to hot tank surface
  • End-of-season drain eliminates standing water during periods of no demand

NOTE: This product is available
with the Armstrong Temp-R-Drain, a device that mixes hot condensate and
cold water to maintain a drain outlet temperature suitable for drainage
directly to any plumbing system. Contact Armstrong factory
representatives for more information.

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Series GFH/GFHE Gas-Fired HumidiClean™

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