Model ASDV Thermostatic Drain Valves


For freeze protection of condensate systems up to 300 psig (20.7 bar) (2068 kpa)

The Armstrong Ambient Sensing Drain Valve (ASDV) is deal for protecting piping, valves, fittings, pumps, condensate systems, safety showers, fire lines, spray nozzles and freeze-sensitive equipment. It also can be used to provide back-up protection on steam-traced systems or equipment. The valve features an all-stainless steel body, fittings, spring and plug. It is unaffected by pressure variation, is sensitive to temperature only, and can be easily installed with simple wrenches.

Trying to provide freeze protection manually with valves cracked for continuous drainage is wasteful and possibly susceptible to freezing. The ASDV automates freeze prevention and reduces waste by opening only when freezing is imminent and closing when the danger is past. The valve minimizes water loss and completely eliminates damage and downtime. The ASDV’s unique ram-type plug and seat provide reliable, tight shut-off longer than any other design, and all valves are 100% factory tested.

The ASDV thermal element senses ambient temperatures and at a preset temperature, the drain valve will open. Water from the line will then flow past the element. If the water temperature becomes high enough, the valve will close. If the water temperature is low, the valve will modulate to maintain temperature or will open to drain completely. The valve will be fully open at 35°F (2°C). As the temperature rises, the valve will be tightly closed at 40°F (4.4°C).

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