GP-2000CS Externally Piloted Pressure-Reducing Valves


For steam service

The GP-2000CS is a high-performance, externally piloted reducing valve for large-capacity requirements. Typical use is on intermittent service, including applications such as heat exchangers, steam coils, rotating dryers, process equipment and heating systems. With a 20:1 rangeability and high Cv, the GP-2000CS is reliable and accurate (+/-1% of pressure set point from 5% to 100% of flow) over a long, trouble-free service life. Stellited stainless steel working parts are renewable in-line. The GP-2000CS is single-seated for dead-end service, and it is available with both NPT (1/2″–2″) (15–50 mm) and flanged connections in 2″–4″ sizes (50–100 mm).

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