GP-1000 Internally Piloted Pressure-Reducing Valves


For steam, air and non-corrosive gases

The GP-1000 Series valves are pilot-controlled for accurate regulation of pressure under widely ranging flow. The internal-pilot design eliminates external components and piping.

Internally piloted GP Series valves are capable of larger capacity and greater accuracy than direct-acting valves. Internally piloted GP Series valves are rated for dead-end service and have a 20:1 turn down ratio and an accuracy of +/-5% of set point.

Completely supported by piping, lightweight GP Series valves install easily with NPT or flanged connections. A stainless steel diaphragm, hardened stainless steel working parts and integral removable strainer team up to provide higher performance over a long, trouble-free service life.

Valves are equipped with a caged main valve assembly (separate shutoff surfaces and flow-control ports), piston valve rings for longer life, and an external adjusting screw with locking nut and cover. All working parts are renewable in-line. For air service, a Teflon®; seat ensures tight shutoff.

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