Cast Iron Free-Floating Guided Lever Drain Traps


For loads to 49,000 lb/hr (22226 kg/hr) . . . Pressures to 300 psig (21 bar)

Armstrong’s cast iron, free-floating guided lever drain traps use the same bodies, caps, lever mechanisms, valves and seats of Armstrong inverted bucket steam traps that have been proved in years of service.

Elliptical floats and high leverage make it possible to open large orifices to provide adequate capacity for drain trap size and weight.

The hemispherical valve, seat and leverage of the 1-LD, 2-LD, 3-LD and 6-LD cast iron traps are identical in design,
materials and workmanship to those for saturated steam service up to 300 psig (21 bar), with the exception of the addition of a guidepost to ensure a positive, leak-tight valve closing under all conditions.

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