Why Campbell-Sevey’s 40 Years of CEMS Integration Matters to You

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems BROCHURE - Campbell-SeveyTo reduce air pollution, legislation sets emission limits or guidelines which industries must meet or risk severe penalties. To ensure these mandated reductions of emissions are achieved requires continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS). Something Campbell-Sevey knows a great deal about. Since 1975, Campbell-Sevey has been providing both sales and service of CEMS. We are the only independent factory-authorized service dealer for Teledyne Monitor Labs in the country. We have a dedicated 4-person team offering local support of CEM systems, networks, upgrades, software and integration. Data Accuracy to Ensure Compliance, Efficiency & Safety   Continuous emissions monitoring is a direct measurement of pollutant concentration from a duct or stack on a continuous or periodic basis. Typical components monitored include Sulfur Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide and more. Industrial facilities can use emissions monitoring to assess and monitor process control and efficiency, to determine pollution control device efficiency, and to monitor health and safety within the plant. Selecting the Proper Monitoring Equipment Selecting the proper monitoring equipment involves more than basic cost and performance comparisons. Operational conditions vary from facility to facility making the choice of monitoring equipment unique to each installation. Campbell-Sevey’s experienced CEMS team considers several factors before determining the proper equipment:
  • physical/chemical properties of the pollutant and waste gas stream
  • regulatory or permitting limits and any associated reporting requirements
  • location and method of collecting, processing, and disposing of samples
  • calibration and accuracy requirements
  • quality assurance and quality control requirements
  • maintenance requirements
  • facility safety and management
Three Types of CEMS CEMS are an integrated system that demonstrates source compliance by collecting samples directly from the duct or stack discharging pollutants to the atmosphere.
  • In Situ CEMS – In situ CEMS are systems where the analyzer is physically located in the stack or duct. The effluent gas is measured in situ as it flows through a sampling location placed in the stack or duct.
  • Extractive CEMS – In an extractive CEMS, the system extracts a sample at a specified site in the waste gas stream and then transports it to a monitor in an environmentally protected area.
  • Extractive Dilution CEMS – Similar to extractive CEMS, however samples are extracted and then diluted to minimize moisture content.
For all three types, proper placement of sampling ports in the waste gas stream and proper equipment selection are all critical for the accurate and reproducible collection of information. One Source For Everything With 100’s of CEMS installations in the field, Campbell-Sevey combines the expertise and field-tested technologies with the most reliable sample conditioning and extraction systems in the industry, providing you superior measurement accuracy and repeatability. Designed in consideration of CEMS regulations as specified in clean air laws, including U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 75 and 40 CFR Part 60, we help you meet data report­ing requirements, maintain emissions compliance, and ensure certification and compliance with your local and national regulatory agencies. Eliminate CEMS Downtime – Audits, Repair & Preventative Maintenance Some plants hire firms that are qualified to do audits, but are unable or untrained in instrument repairs. They simply cannot correct problems or perform preventative maintenance routines to ensure that the instrumentation passes the next audit test. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is simple – hire Campbell-Sevey. We have the training and expertise to:
  1. Correctly perform the audit procedures for your system
  2. AND the expertise to repair any instrumentation if the audit does not pass
  3. AND can perform the proper preventative maintenance on your system to ensure continued, proper performance
The Campbell-Sevey team can do all three of these items in just one visit. We also offer regularly scheduled maintenance checks and maintenance contracts to assure you the highest possible level of continued accuracy and up-time in your measurement systems. There’s No Other Company Like Campbell-Sevey No other company offers state-of-the-art CEM systems and analyzers, and backs it with the same level of outstanding support, as Campbell-Sevey. We help you to maintain the data accuracy and up-time that is required for compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Contact us today to ensure you are compliant with the latest emission control mandates or download our brochure on CEMS.
Why Campbell-Sevey’s 40 Years of CEMS Integration Matters to You