TLW Eliminates Exposed Valve Bolts

Exposed bolts within valves are not suited for all applications. Some industries, such as refineries and chemical facilities require tight sealing, without bolt exposure, to ensure optimal safety. Other industries that are heavily reliant on liquid, gas and steam processes also fall within this category. What’s wrong with exposed bolts? Simply put, exposure to fire, corrosion and other harsh chemicals can lead to potential leak paths. To address this issue, DFT Inc. have engineered a tight sealing, non-slam wafer check valve to meet the needs of these industries. The 1-piece solid body construction of the TLW® non-slam spring-assisted, center-guided, lugged pattern wafer check valve includes several key features:
  • API 594 Face-to-Face dimensions
  • Threaded Lug Design
  • ASME B16.5
Click to download the TLW Check Valve technical specifications or contact the team at Campbell-Sevey to learn more.
TLW Eliminates Exposed Valve Bolts