Test Your Knowledge: How Are Steam Losses Calculated?

Steam losses are typically calculated using one of two well known formulas. What is the name of the formula illustrated on the right?
  1. Napier’s Formula
  2. Campbellseveyian Formula
  3. Hoytan’s Formula
  4. Masoneilan’s Formula
  5. Brianrossian’s Formula
And the answer is… 5. Masoneilan’s Formula The two most commonly used formula’s to calculate steam loss are Masoneilan’s and Napier’s. If you haven’t guessed, the other formulas list are based on Campbell-Sevey:
  • Campbellseveyian Formula – this one if obvious
  • Hoytan’s Formula – Hoyt A. Sevey founded Campbell-Sevey in 1937. While he didn’t create a formula to calculate steam loss he did create a great formula for success – superior products, superior knowledge, superior solutions.
  • Brianrossian’s Formula – Brian Ross came to work for Campbell-Sevey in 1975 and serves as President of the company.
Test Your Knowledge: How Are Steam Losses Calculated?