Water Temperature Control—Single Point of Use—Thermostatic


Rada 215

Rada Thermostatic Mixing Valve of “sealed for life” replaceable cartridge construction. Compact design is ideally suited for use at or near the final point of use to deliver a pre designated mixed water temperature to either a single or a small “group” of lavatories.

Complete operating mechanism is enclosed in a durable disposable polymer cartridge for ease of maintenance. Powerful internal movement of the hot and cold water proportioning mechanism resists mineral deposition.

Capable of close temperature control at diverse flow rates between .5 and 11 gpm (1.9 and 41.6 lpm). Unit is supplied as standard with a tamper proof single temperature “locking” shroud and variable temperature control trim set.*

* Use of the trim set allows for full temperature control to within 5°F (2°C) of either inlet supply along with an integral maximum temperature limit stop and single temperature locking option.

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    Operational Specifications
    • Typical outlet temperature control +/-2°F
    • Adjustable maximum temperature limit stop
    • Adjustable single temperature lockout
    • Thermal shutdown mode upon inlet supply failure