Water Temperature Control—Groups of Fixtures—Thermostatic (Rada 425-FMC)


Rada 425-FMC

Rada Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) for remote/securecabinet mount “dead leg” group fixture control. Rada 425 is ideal for this application due to its low service, low inlet tooutlet temperature differential requirement and low flow singlefixture control capability.

Rada 425-FMC is supplied as standard* fully assembled and pressure tested in an 26” x 30” x 10” stainless steel recessed cabinet with a 2” flange. Cabinet has a polished stainless steel piano-hinged door with a keyed cylinder lock.

Rada 425-FMC is supplied as standard under this model number for top inlet hot and cold water supplies and a top outlet with a left-hand hinged door as indicated in adjacent drawing.

Rada 425-FMC can be specified/ordered with the following piping configurations under the following model numbers:

Top inlets/bottom outlet 425-FMC-TB
Bottom inlets/bottom outlet 425-FMC-BB
Bottom inlets/top outlet 425-FMC-BT

* Note cabinet options under technical specifications.

NOTE: Available as above in a Surface Mounted Cabinet of the same size and specification, less recess flange, under model number 425-SMC.

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