TV-2 Thermostatic Air Vent


For pressures to 125 psig (9 bar) . . .
Capacities to 46 scfm (78 m3h)

Armstrong offers the Model TV-2 balanced-pressure thermostatic air vent for positive venting of air from chamber-type heat-transfer equipment with no loss of steam. Typical applications include jacketed kettles, retorts, vulcanizers, jacketed sterilizers or other contained equipment where air could accumulate at the top of the steam chamber and reduce heat-transfer capacity.

The thermostatic element is a charged multi-convolution phosphor-bronze bellows caged in stainless steel. Valve and seat are also stainless steel, designed to meet the most rigid cycling specifications known for this type of service.

  • Stainless steel hemispherical valve and seat
  • Thermostatic element comprises a multi-convolution phosphor-bronze bellows caged in stainless steel
  • Thermostatic element is charged with water to
    provide positive opening of the valve at slightly below steam
    temperature and positive closing in the presence of steam throughout the
    operating pressure range
  • ASTM B62 cast bronze body

Armstrong Model V-2 thermostatic air vents should be installed at the highest points of steam chambers with inlet
connections to the vents higher than the highest points of the chambers. If they are installed in this manner, there is minimal hazard of any liquid carryover, air can be vented to the atmosphere, and no drain line is necessary.

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