Technology That Transforms How Steam Systems are Managed


SteamEye® Starter Kit

is a wireless steam trap monitoring system specifically designed to
constantly, and accurately monitor steam traps and provide status
updates every 3 minutes.

SteamEye will detect a failed open or a failed closed steam trap. The
timely detection of these functions is critical to effective steam
system management. A failed open trap will cause significant energy loss
and downstream steam system problems. A steam trap that has failed
closed can cause catastrophic equipment failure. Knowing when and how
steam traps fail affords proactive, cost effective, and preventative
maintenance measures.

What is the SteamEye Starter Kit?

The SteamEye starter kit encompasses sophisticated technology with the ease of wireless at a competitive market price.


  • Improve steam system efficiency and lower fuel costs
  • Limit access in hard to reach or hazardous areas
  • One (1) SteamEye Gateway will handle 700 transmitters
  • Reduce system maintenance costs
  • Easily expanded over time
  • Additional transmitters available for monitoring safety relief
    valves and overflow on condensate tanks and pumps (consult factory for


SteamEye starter kit includes:

  • Four (4) SteamEye URFC4700 transmitters
  • One (1) SteamEye 4000 Series Gateway
  • One (1) SteamEye 4000 Series repeater
  • Three (3) 1/2″ or 3/4″ Waveguides (pipe mounting hardware for transmitters)
  • One (1) 1″ Waveguide
  • Two (2) Heat Sinks (required on transmitters 200 psig and above)
  • Two (2) Insulation wraps (required for outdoor applications)

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Technology That Transforms How Steam Systems are Managed

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