SJDT Steam-Jacketed Dispersion Tube


The patented Armstrong SJDT (Steam-Jacketed Dispersion Tube) is an all-stainless steel dispersion tube with the unique ability to accept jacketing steam from atmospheric steam-generating humidifiers. The SJDT uses a portion of the steam to “jacket” the entire length of the tube, keeping the dispersion tube hot, even during periods of low demand. This “jacketing” effect improves the quality of steam discharge and reduces the chance for spitting or dripping in your air-handling system.

  • The only steam-jacketed dispersion tube currently available to accept steam from atmospheric steam-generating humidifiers
  • Designed for use on Armstrong electronic self-contained EHUs, Electric and Gas-Fired HumidiClean and Steam-to-Steam humidifiers
  • Internal drain port allows any condensate to be drained from the dispersion tube, as well as the jacketed passageway
  • Steam jacket eliminates the need to use nozzles that extend inside the pipe
  • No air binding
  • Accepts and disperses steam up to 120 pph
  • All-stainless steel construction
  • Simple installation
  • Sizes from 1 to 10 feet (.3 to 3 meters) in length are available
  • Patent No. 5,942,163
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