SH-600 Series Bimetallic Traps


Carbon Steel

For pressures to 595 psig (41 bar) . . .
Cold water capacities to 8,818 lb/hr (4000 kg/hr)

Armstrong’s SH-600 Bimetallic Steam Trap operates by the effect that rising temperature has on bimetallic elements.  It adjusts itself to changing conditions, as the increasing pressure on the valve is compensated by the curving of the bimetallic elements caused by the increasing temperature.

Armstrong’s SH-600 Bimetallic Steam Trap is the ideal solution for applications where other trap styles are not resisting to tough operating conditions. It also has the ability to handle the large start up loads associated with superheat applications. The unique bimetallic element allows for tight shut off before superheat reaches the trap thus preventing steam loss. The SH-600 utilizes a titanium valve and seat to ensure extremely long service life in the harsh environment of superheated steam systems.

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