SH-2500 Bimetallic Steam Traps


Bimetallic steam traps for superheat conditions

For pressures to 650 psig (45 bar) . . .
Cold water capacities to 6,000 lb/hr (2,722 kg/hr)

Armstrong’s SH-2500 Bimetallic Steam Trap is the ideal design for applications involving superheated steam.

During start-up, the bimetallic mechanism is fully open and allows large volumes of non-condensable gases and condensate to be removed from the system. As the system reaches saturated steam conditions, the mechanism begins to close preventing any live steam loss. The superheat during normal operating steam conditions keep the valve closed to ensure long service life.

In the event that operating conditions change and condensate forms at the steam trap inlet, the cooling effect allows the bimetallic mechanism to open and discharge any accumulation. The valve quickly closes once normal operating conditions return.

The SH-2500 consists of an investment cast, stainless steel body that is compact and highly resistant to harsh, corrosive environments. The integral mounting flange is compatible with the Armstrong IS-2, TVS-4000, std connector making for labor savings and easy steam trap replacement.

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