Series VAFT-BDV Boiler Blowdown Vessel


The Armstrong VAFT-BDV blowdown vessel is designed to efficiently separate blowdown water and flash steam.  Built according to ASME Section VIII standards, the design is compact, requiring a small footprint in which to operate.
For blowdown loads up to 20,000 lb/hr (9071 kb/hr), Armstrong has a model to fit your needs.

  • ASME-coded and stamped vessels
  • 3/8″ Carbon steel construction
  • Standard pressure rating 150 psi (10 bar) (Other pressure ratings available.)
  • Vessels are designed to provide low velocity flash steam with no water carryover.
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    Standard Models:
    • VAFT-1238BDV (12″)
    • VAFT-1638BDV (16″)
    Optional Equipment:
    • 3/4″ Commercial or Industrial Aftercooler Assembly
    • 1″ Commercial or Industrial Aftercooler Assembly
    • Pressure Guage
    • Safety Relief Valve