Series CS-10 Steam-to-Steam Humidifiers


Clean, economical steam from untreated water The Series CS steam-to-steam humidifiers use existing boiler steam to produce clean steam from untreated water. Because these humidifiers use steam from a central boiler as a heat source, the humidifying steam can be produced more economically than from electricity.

Series CS humidifiers consist of a heat exchanger submersed in a tank of water. The heat of the steam supplied to the heat exchanger raises the temperature of the tank water to the boiling point, converting the water to steam, which is then injected into an air-handling system. The result gives all the benefits of steam humidification with none of the concern about boiler-water carryover.

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    Ionic beds

    will reduce the amount of maintenance and improve the overall performance of the unit. With the beds in the tank, scale will build up on the media and reduce the amount of scale on the heat exchanger. This provides longer life for the heat exchanger and more efficient heat transfer.

    Heavy-duty construction

    of the humidifier chamber, heat exchanger, float mechanism and duct dispersion tube makes the unit rugged and corrosion resistant.

    An in-line strainer

    with no-crush screen removes most of the steam’s particulate matter.

    A Series ACV control valve

    controls the steam flow to the heat exchanger. This valve uses Armstrong’s 3/4″ stroke parabolic plug valve design, proved dependable through years of successful performance.

    Safety features

    protect against damage in the event of failure. The control valve is designed to fail closed, and the humidifier’s water chamber overflow port will protect the unit from overfilling in case of level-control failure.

    NOTE: This product is available with the Armstrong Temp-R-Drain, a device that mixes hot condensate and cold water to maintain a drain outlet temperature suitable for drainage directly to any plumbing system. Contact Armstrong factory representatives for more information.