PT-300LL/PT-400LL Light Liquid Pump Traps


Fabricated Steel

For pressures to 100 psig (7 bar)

The Armstrong PT-300LL/PT-400LL are the low-maintenance, non-electric
solution to moving condensate or other liquids from low points, low
pressures or vacuum spaces to an area of higher elevation or pressure.
Condensate can be returned at temperatures well above the 200°F (93°C)
limit of conventional electric condensate pumps without leaking seals or
cavitation problems. And these light-liquid pumps are for specific
gravity down to 0.65.

  • Economical non-electric operation. Uses inexpensive steam or inert gas.
  • Low-maintenance operation. No leaking seals, impeller or motor problems means lower maintenance. No NPSH issues.
  • Lower installation costs. Single trade required for installation and maintenance.
  • Peace of mind. Standard unit is intrinsically safe—explosion-proof.
  • Durable construction. ASME code-stamped carbon steel body vessel.
  • Corrosion resistance. Internals are all stainless steel for corrosion resistance and long life.
  • Heavy-duty springs. Springs are made from long-lasting Inconel X-750.
  • Efficiency. A closed loop means no motive or flash steam is lost. All valuable Btu’s are captured and returned to the system.
  • Safety. The pump can be used in flooded pits without fear of electrocution or circuit breaker defaults.
  • Externally removable/replaceable seats. Seats can be replaced or cleaned without removing the mechanism assembly.
  • Specific gravity range. Pumps can accommodate specific gravity down to 0.65.

Typical applications

  • Low-pressure heating systems
  • Process heat exchanger or coils with modulating steam control
  • Remote installations (tracing, tank farms, or remote coils)
  • Systems under vacuum
  • Hazardous (explosion-proof) areas
  • Caustic environments
  • Sumps or submersed areas
  • Flash tanks

NOTE: Armstrong can also custom fabricate packages to meet your
specific needs. Pre-piped conventional, low-boy, closed-loop and
custom-fabricated skid packages are available.

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PT-300LL/PT-400LL Light Liquid Pump Traps

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