ManiPack Steam Distribution Manifold Assembly


Armstrong ManiPack is a pre-assembled, steam-jacketed distribution
manifold bank made specifically for air-handling units. The ManiPack is
for applications that require a direct-steam-injection humidifier such
as the Series 9000 or 1000. Designed for economy and ease of
installation, the ManiPack includes convenient mounting tabs for easy
attachment, an optional all-stainless design for D.I. service, no black
iron piping and standard interchangeable parts.

The ManiPack is designed for applications where it
is desirable to use multiple steam-distribution manifolds to achieve a
downstream non-wetting distance (i.e., “vapor trail”) as short as three
feet. For non-wetting distances less than three feet, the Armstrong
HumidiPack family should be considered. Calculation of the non-wetting
distance can be performed with the Armstrong Humid-A-ware Humidification Sizing and Selection Software.

Steam jacketing is desirable because it improves
steam quality and reduces the chance of spitting or dripping condensate
into the air-handling system. For applications sensitive to duct heat
gain, it is advisable to keep steam-jacketing pressures below 20 psig
(1.3 bar).

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ManiPack Steam Distribution Manifold Assembly

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