HumidiPack® Family


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    The Armstrong HumidiPack is a prefabricated steam humidifier system that is ready for insertion in the duct. The HumidiPack consists of a separator/header and multiple-tube dispersion assembly when supplied for use with an Armstrong steam generating humidifier. A steam-supply control valve, strainer, steam trap and header drain traps are added when HumidiPack is used on pressurized steam.


    HumidiPackPlus combines the absorption (non-wetting) distance-shortening performance of HumidiPack with the additional feature of steam-jacketed “active” tubes. The result is a dry,uniform discharge of steam for nearly any application with a steam source from a pressurized central supply.

    HumidiPack® CF

    HumidiPack CF offers the performance of HumidiPackPlus without the need of jacketing steam on pressurized steam applications. Typically used with a vertical header configuration, HumidiPack CF offers excellent separation of entrained moisture from steam with preheated active tubes. The entire face area is cold during periods of no demand, adding no energy to the air stream.

    Simplified installation

    The HumidiPack Family dispersion assemblies slide neatly into ductwork or air-handling units. This frequently reduces the time and labor required for field installations. Units with horizontal tubes and vertical headers offer all piping on one side of the ductwork or air handler to simplify piping.

    Corrosion-resistant stainless steel

    The header/separator and dispersion assembly of the HumidiPack Family are of rugged stainless steel, providing a long, trouble-free service life. To minimize maintenance, tube-to-header joints are welded stainless steel rather than assembled plastic adapters with o-rings.

    Compatibility with many steam sources

    HumidiPack may be used with Armstrong Series CS-10 Steam-to Steam humidifiers and gas and electric steam-generating humidifiers. HumidiPack is also compatible with systems that have packaged boilers or a central steam supply to 60 psig (4 bar). The HumidiPackPlus and HumidiPack CF may be used with packaged boilers or central steam supply to 60 psig (4 bar).

    Application flexibility

    Many sizes and configurations of the HumidiPack Family are available to meet new installation or retrofit needs.

    Reduced heat gain to duct air

    Since no steam is admitted to the manifold assembly unless there is a demand for steam output, there is no heat gain to duct air when HumidiPack and HumidiPack CF are not in use.