½” model HPGPA with Vacuum Breaker and Thermostatic Air Vent


For saturated steam to 250 psig

Every steam coil or steam heat exchanger needs both a vacuum breaker and a thermostatic air vent properly located and correctly piped.  This assembly helps do both. The Durabla vacuum breaker is combined with the Armstrong thermostatic air vent in an easy
to install ½” assembly.

The all stainless steel Durabla vacuum breakers are superior quality for high pressure steam applications.The combination of a high temperature Zelon seal with a light spring acting on a stainless steel disc provides a bubble-tight seal even with very low pressures. Since only slight spring pressure is needed for seating, the flat disc comes off its soft seat at a very low vacuum condition, providing
almost instantaneous vacuum protection, allowing positive condensate drainage under all operating conditions.

An Armstrong thermostatic air vent provides automatic air and non-condensable gas venting.This angle-style thermostatic air vent has a balanced-pressure thermostatic element with a high quality multiple-convolution bellows, an all stainless steel body, and a stainless steel valve and seat.

You’ll enjoy all these familiar benefits with the HPGPA. You’ll find are all the features of a very high quality vacuum breaker combined with a high pressure thermostatic air vent integrated in a time-saving assembly.


Top 4 Reasons For Including A Vacuum Breaker In Your Steam Utilization Piping Practices

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