ExpressPack® Multi-Tube Steam Dispersion Panel


is a multi-tube steam dispersion panel that accepts atmospheric source
steam and discharges it into a duct or air handling unit.

Packaged with Armstrong Steam Generating Humidifiers

ExpressPack® is designed to accept steam from the following Armstrong humidifiers:

  • HumidiClean™
  • Series EHU-700 (electric)
  • Gas Fired HumidiClean™
  • Series CS-10 Steam-to-Steam

Shortened Non-Wetting
(Absorption) Distance

ExpressPack® uses a series of unique dispersion tubes
spaced to provide a shorter non-wetting distance than conventional
individual tubes.  Each tube includes two rows of diametrically opposed

Economical and Energy Wise

Dispersion tube spacing is selected to optimize performance while minimizing excessive condensation.  ExpressPack® components are typically shipped loose for field assembly, minimizing initial cost.

Dry and Uniform Steam Discharge

The ExpressPack® panel disperses a dry and uniform
discharge of steam.  Stainless steel steam headers and dispersion tubes
are sized to match application requirements for proper separation and
coverage of the face area.  The discharge nozzes extend inside the
dispersion tube to insure steam is discharged rather than condensate to
avoid spitting.  Nozzle sizing and spacing also assists in providing a
uniform discharge of steam across the face area.  Each header includes a
large 1″ NPT drain connection to assure proper condensate drainage.

Application and Installation

Used primarily in horizontal air flow applications, ExpressPack®
is ideally oriented with a horizontal header and vertical dispersion
tubes.  ExpressPack™ may be located in an air handler or duct.  For duct
applications, the panel’s best location is near a joint in order to
make installation practical.  Care must be taken to minimize the
distance of steam line run to ExpressPack™ from the steam generating
humidifer.  With nozzle steam discharge perpendicular to air flow,
ExpressPack™ adapts well to high air flow velocity applications.

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For help in specifying the exact model you need, download the product literature.

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ExpressPack® Multi-Tube Steam Dispersion Panel

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