ASME Flow Nozzle


The ASME flow nozzle is a high performance, reliable measurement device,that can be installed in various design and material configurations with conformance to ASME MFC-3M, ASME PTC-6, and ASME PTC 19.5 codes.

PTC-6 ASME Flow Nozzle

This flow nozzle provides high accuracy and precision required by ASME PTC-6 in steam turbine testing applications. The assembly consists of a flow conditioner for added accuracy, a diffuser cone for reduced pressure loss, and either a flanged or weld-in flow nozzle. Available in line sizes 4” to 24” (101.6mm to 609.6mm) with perforated plate or tube bundle flow conditioner, flanged-in or weld-in end connections, and four integrally machined throat pressure taps that are precision-machined and polished. Design standard ASME PTC-6 or ASME PTC 19.5.

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