ADP-1 Pneumatically Operated Liquid Drainer


The ADP-1 is a natural extension of Armstrong’s BVSW (bucket vent scrub wire) and ball-float liquid drain traps. Since it uses a separate air source to open a discharge valve, the ADP-1 can open a large valve, regardless of the internal pressure in the liquid drainer, while still maintaining its low profile. The major wear points in this simple system are the piston and ball valve, and years of dependable service have proved the reliability of both.

The ADP-1 offers a standard test switch that is an added cost on competitive models. In addition, only Armstrong offers a standard needle-style vent valve. Optional “legs” mount to the bottom or side of the ADP-1, allowing the drainer to be raised off the floor—or even secured to a column or wall. What’s more, all control hardware is mounted external to the pressure vessel. That means there’s no need to open the unit to service or replace valves or tubing.

  • Standard press-to-test actuator—no added cost
  • Large 100-oz. see-thru reservoir
  • Fully pneumatic
  • No wasted air
  • Extremely low profile
  • Ideal for oil/water separators
  • Non-clogging ball valve
  • No strainers to clean
  • Automatic operation
  • Vent valve provided
  • Easy to retrofit
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