3403 – Recessed-In-Wall


Model 3403 – Recessed-In-Wall

Features a Rada 320 Thermostatic Mixing Valve designed for wall-recessed installation and includes combination inlet isolation/strainer/check valves and stainless steel panel-mount thermometer. The mixing valve, pipe work and associated components are secured within a rugged steel mounting frame and concealed behind a 13.25″ x 23.25″ polished stainless steel access panel.

Model 3403 also includes an exposed polished chrome temperature-control handle and stainless steel flow-control ball valve. The unit is ideal for clean rooms, pharmaceutical mixing rooms, research labs or similar locations where temperature-controlled hot water is required, but where surface-mount piping and fixtures are undesirable.

Model 3403 includes 25 feet of “safety yellow” washdown hose, low-heat-transfer polymer spray nozzle with trigger guard, swivel adapter, a stainless steel nozzle hook and inlet check valves.

Armstrong hot and cold water hose stations replace the basic Mixing Y with a Rada® 320 thermostatic mixing valve as the primary water temperature controller. With the Rada 320 you can:

  • Change outlet water temperature from full cold to the field-adjustable maximum limit stop in a single handle turn
  • Set and lock to a single temperature and maintain outlet temperatures +/-2°F (1°C) in the event of inlet pressure and/or temperature fluctuation or change
  • Protect the operator a thermal-shutdown feature if the cold water inlet supply fails
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    Thermostatic products used by our competitors for this application cannot provide a temperature range from full cold to the field-adjustable maximum limit stop. Nor can they access temperatures within 5°F (2°C) of either inlet supply temperature.

    Various hose lengths, spray nozzles and hose reels are available as options for Armstrong hot and cold water hose stations.

    The Armstrong Hot & Cold Hose Stations – Recessed-In-Wall series is supplied fully assembled and pressure tested designed for wall-recessed installation.