¼” Pigtail Assembly


Pressure gauges on steam systems need to be properly piped to have a long service life. This convenient prepiped assembly does just that. It includes all the pieces pressure gauges or instrumentation need: a ¼” 180 degree pigtail, a needle valve and a pressure snubber.

The 180 pigtail siphon is used in vertical applications to protect the pressure gauge from the effect of steam temperature and to reduce the effect of rapid pressure surges. Steam cools and condenses inside the coil or pigtail portion of the pigtail siphon. The conden­sate prevents steam from coming in direct contact with the pressure instrument.

The needle valve is used to isolate the gauge or instrumentation if it needs to be replaced. The pressure snubber at the outlet is designed to further dampen the effect of pressure pulses and spikes to assure longer service life and readability of pressure gauges or instrumentation.


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