Luvata Sells Heatcraft to Modine

Luvata recently announced the sale of its Heat Transfer Solutions Division (Heatcraft) to Modine Manufacturing Company. Campbell Sevey represents several Heatcraft products including:
  • Commercial and Industrial Steam Coils-New and Replacement 
  • Commercial Water and Fluid Coils-New and Replacement
  • Commercial Refrigerant, both Direct Expansion and Condenser
Representing a significant expansion for Modine, the US-based Division will become Modine Commercial and Industrial Solutions. The Division has 18 plants across the globe, excellent operations, extensive customer and supplier relationships, and is a leading presence in many international heat-transfer markets. Modine President and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas A. Burke said: “The combination of Modine and Luvata HTS provides a complete product portfolio as well as agile manufacturing capabilities across the globe, all of which will allow superior response to customer needs.” If you’d like more information on Heatcraft products, contact the team at Campbell-Sevey.
Luvata Sells Heatcraft to Modine