Increase System Efficiency with Steam Trap Surveys and SAGE

Steam trap performance can significantly impact safety and overall plant efficiency, however they also tend to be neglected for long periods of time. This can be costly – as much as $300 – $3000 per trap in energy losses alone (see chart below for potential losses based on leak size). Campbell-Sevey’s steam trap surveys have proven to significantly reduce failure rates. For example, here are results of a project we did for Flint Hills Resource:
  • 18,185 operating steam traps in its system
  • Annual steam trap survey for the last 15 years
  • Annual steam trap failure rate reduced to 2%
Armstrong Launches SAGE – Smart Utility Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting To also improve efficiency, Armstrong has launched a powerful software tool – SAGE™ – that uses their patented algorithm as it analyzes data to track behavior and performance for the most advanced steam and hot water system management available today. Instead of guesswork and costly surprises, SAGE™ gives you regular updates and alerts you if an issue arises so you can take immediate action. Click to see more details about SAGE and the unique features it offers.. For more information on the best options for you to improve your system performance through better steam trap management, contact the team at Campbell-Sevey.  
Increase System Efficiency with Steam Trap Surveys and SAGE