Get a Free Heat Shield Energy Survey

Free Energy Survey uses thermographic imaging to illustrate heat loss. Shannon is the market leader removable, reusable blanket insulation. To promote the highly lucrative performance generated by insulating complex surfaces with their blankets, they are teaming up with Campbell-Sevey to offer a Free Energy Survey. The Energy Survey is the key driver behind developing an ECM (Energy Conservation Measure) for Thermal Blanket Insulation. The key behind a comprehensive survey approach is having the knowledge and experience to find and to know what to treat in a complex steam system. Most insulation surveys address pipe and ignore the greatest opportunity, complex valves and fittings. Shannon’s team is trained in steam process systems and energy survey fundamentals, knowing exactly where the great opportunities for energy savings are located and most importantly, compiling the field data so you have knowledge of where your system is wasting energy. The Energy Survey Proposal will present bare surface radiant conditions, insulated surface performance, the potential energy savings from Shannon Thermal Blanket Insulation and most important, a summary of values which gain immediate approval from utility rebate programs (if one is available). The Campbell-Sevey and Shannon Survey Approach:
  • Initial Field Survey ( Infrared and/or Thermal Graphic Imaging )
  • Compilation of the Field Data ( Spread Sheet of Tabulated Values )
  • Presentation of the Data and Summary of Values ( Simple Payback, ROI, IRR )
  • Calculation Conversions to Meet Customer Measures for Approval ( BTU, Therm, #/Hr Steam, HP )
  • Steam Cost & Utility Cost Measures
  • Rebate Incentives ( If Available )
  • Field Take-Off, Marking, Tagging, Measuring of each Itemized Fitting
  • CAD/CNC Design & Manufacturing ( For Exact Fit and High Quality Standards )
  • Installation Services ( Open Shop & Union Labor Installation )
  • Optional Measurement & Verification Post Completion Survey
As a result of the surveys and subsequent blanket insulation installation, most ECM’s see payback periods from 6 to 18 months depending on utility credits. For more information about the program, download Shannon’s Energy Survey brochure.. Then contact Campbell-Sevey for information on scheduling a survey at your facility.
Get a Free Heat Shield Energy Survey