Comparing Firetube vs. Watertube Boilers

Industrial Firetube vs watertube boilersThere are two generic boiler designs – watertube and firetube – available to meet industrial and commercial steam needs. Choosing the best boiler for each application is critical for the long term success of every project. Proper selection can save the end user hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the boiler. Click here to review watertube and firetube boilers as it compares their strengths and their limitations. As the document will show, a firetube boiler is recommended for most applications for several reasons:
  • They are pre-tested at the factory
  • They take less time to install
  • They are installed at a lower initial cost
  • Their operating costs are substantially lower
  • Their efficiency rating is substantially higher
  • When repair are needed, the fix is usually fast and relatively inexpensive
With a normally lower purchase price and substantial savings in installation costs, a firetube boiler is clearly the best choice for most applications. At Campbell-Sevey we have a thorough understanding of boiler designs and can help you select the correct boiler for your system usage.      
Comparing Firetube vs. Watertube Boilers