Case Study: Minnesota Veterans Home Takes Advantage of Rebates to Install TVS and Steam Eye

The Minnesota Veterans Home in Minneapolis, located on a 53-acre wooded campus, provides long-term care to veterans in 291 skilled nursing beds and 50 domiciliary beds in private and semi-private rooms. Renewed Steam Distribution Interest With the addition of some new staff, the Minnesota Veterans Home had a renewed interest in the efficient operation of their steam distribution system. They understood that a single leaking safety valve or failed steam trap with an orifice even the size of a BB can cost thousands of dollars in steam loss annually. In addition, the site wanted the capability of monitoring their trap population and steam safety valves continuously to ensure on-going and recurring energy savings. To reduce project costs, rebate programs from the local natural gas utility, CenterPoint Energy, were utilized to partially fund the project. Using Trap Valve Stations & Steam Eye The team at Campbell-Sevey performed a steam trap and safety valve survey to gather and update missing or incomplete equipment data. New steam traps were then installed throughout the campus. Based on the site’s preference, all steam traps in drip service were replaced with Armstrong’s Trap Valve Stations (TVS), which have many benefits including:
  • Reduced costs. TVS saves by eliminating potential leak points and reducing installation and maintenance time.
  • Multiple functions. TVS has integral positive-shutoff isolation valves, strainer, and strainer blowdown valves.  
  • Easy, in-line repairability with maximum safety. TVS allows positive-shutoff isolation at the point of service with verifiable trap depressurization for safety prior to opening the trap for service.
  • SteamEye compatible TVS. TVS is fully compatible with the SteamEye monitoring system.
Armstrong’s SteamEye Steam Trap Monitoring System was also installed on every steam trap and steam safety valve. This system resides on their computer network and will monitor the condition of every trap and safety valve continuously. When failures occur, it will notify system operators instantly, reducing the time from failure to repair from years to minutes. For more information on Campbell-Sevey’s steam trap and safety valve surveys, or to see if Trap Valve Stations or SteamEye Monitoring is right for your system, contact the team at Campbell-Sevey.
Case Study: Minnesota Veterans Home Takes Advantage of Rebates to Install TVS and Steam Eye