Campbell-Sevey Adds INSULTECH to Product Line

INSULTECH Thermal Blanket SystemsCampbell-Sevey is proud to announce a new product line designed to improve insulation performance on existing steam systems – INSULTECH® Blanket Insulation. INSULTECH Blankets provide immediate energy savings, with the added benefits of quick installation, quick removal and quick reinstallation. A Unique Insulation System INSULTECH Thermal Blanket Systems are offered for the purpose of “Energy Savings” on steam valves and fittings. INSULTECH is a high quality insulation, custom fit to match Gate Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Flanges, Strainers, Steam Traps, Heat Exchanger Heads, Boiler Heads, PRV Stations, Condensate Pumps and similar equipment. This blanket system is CAD designed to match each and every fitting. They guarantee the fit and the blankets carry an 18 month warranty. Fast Payback Thermal Blanket Insulation prevents radiant heat loss and saves energy. A typical Energy Survey will show a payback period on investment of roughly 1-2 years. In a recent case study, the initial investment was $23,523.25. The payback period was 8.24 months with an annual savings of $36,199.86 per year and a lifetime savings of $519,474.65. INSULTECH Blanket SystemAdditional Benefits The INSULTECH Blanket System will improve your steam system efficiency. It is removable and reusable. It lowers the ambient temperature in mechanical rooms, tunnels, manholes and the general work environment. INSULTECH will also reduce the possibility of employee burns from steam fittings. In addition INSULTECH:
  • can be installed with plant personnel
  • can be reused numerous times
  • is a closed insulation system
  • is custom-fit to existing conditions
  • is an ideal replacement for Asbestos
  • is vibration resistant
  • is designed to reduce harmful noise
  • keeps production areas safe
INSULTECH engineered systems Field Service & Sales Support INSULTECH engineered systems are represented and supported by Campbell-Sevey’s sales representatives who have the expert technical knowledge of both the process and the insulation value that INSULTECH blankets will add to the application. Knowing and understanding the application, coupled with complimentary products to support the sale are what make INSULTECH a solutions driven product. We take pride in offering comprehensive “Energy Survey Services” and “Sound Testing”, field measuring services and installation, training and technical support. We believe that supporting the sale after the installation is just as important as is the sale itself. The INSULTECH product line can provide significant energy savings. Download the brochure then contact the team at Campbell-Sevey to learn more about how we can custom fit INSULTECH’s thermal blankets to your needs.  
Campbell-Sevey Adds INSULTECH to Product Line