2024 Steam Seminar

2024 Steam Energy Conservation Seminars

2024 Steam Energy Conservation Seminars

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy conservation, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses seeking efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability. Campbell-Sevey’s 2024 Steam Energy Conservation Seminars promise to be a game-changer, offering participants the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and practical field applications.

2024 Steam SeminarExploring the World of Live Steam Systems:

The seminars provide an immersive experience with live steam systems. Utilizing 300 glass piping, glass models, and cut-away parts, participants gain a firsthand look at the behavior of various steam system elements. This hands-on approach transforms theoretical concepts into tangible insights, enhancing the understanding of steam basics, generation, distribution, utilization, and return.

Proven Ways to Save Energy, Time, and Money:

The central theme of the seminar revolves around the practical application of knowledge to achieve tangible benefits. Through proper steam system design and practical guidelines, participants uncover proven ways to save energy, time, and money. The curriculum covers critical topics such as steam trap operation, testing, and sizing, pressure reducing station layout and design, safety relief valve sizing and repair, as well as heating and cooling coil design and piping layout.

Course Topics:

  1. Steam Basics: Understanding the fundamentals of steam generation, distribution, utilization, and return lays the foundation for efficient steam system management.
  2. Steam Traps: Exploring the different types of steam traps and delving into their operation, testing, and sizing.
  3. Pressure Reducing Station Design: Learning the intricacies of pressure reducing station layout and design for optimal performance.
  4. Safety Relief Valve Selection: Understanding the critical aspects of safety relief valve sizing and repair to ensure system safety.
  5. Heating and Cooling Coil Design: Mastering the art of designing effective heating and cooling coils and optimizing piping layout.


Lasting Benefits: Practical Steam Trap Tips and Training:

Beyond the classroom, the seminars offer lasting benefits by imparting practical steam trap tips and training. Participants gain insights into:

  • Efficient Steam Trap Usage: Maximizing energy efficiency, time, and cost savings through the effective use of steam traps.
  • Defective Steam Trap Identification: Developing the skills to identify and address defective steam traps.
  • Cost Analysis: Understanding the financial impact of defective traps on facility operations.
  • Monitoring Programs: Establishing guidelines for implementing a robust steam trap monitoring program.
  • Extended Equipment Service Life: Prolonging the service life of steam equipment through proper maintenance and operation.


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2024 Steam Energy Conservation Seminars