What is a High Pressure Application to a Heliflow Heat Exchanger?


Heliflow Heat Exchangers High pressure applications are when the operating/design pressures exceed 1,000 psig. The Heliflow Heat Exchanger is a very economical and efficient choice for heat transfer applications as pressures exceed this threshold on either the tube side, shell side, or both.

Exceptional Heating & Cooling

The Heliflow Heat Exchanger is a compact, helically coiled shell and tube heat exchanger. The spiral, countercurrent flow path enhances thermal efficiency, reduces fouling, and delivers exceptional heating and cooling in a fraction of the surface area of standard shell and tube exchangers. Large temperature gradients and close approach temperatures are possible due to the 100% countercurrent flow configuration.

Stands Up To Pressure

The unique spiral coil design allows the tube side to accommodate pressures to 15,000 psig without excessive material thickness or difficulty in manufacture. In most high-pressure applications a single process stream is at elevated pressure while the utility stream uses a reduced, nominal pressure fluid. The high-pressure stream is directed to the tube side where, using the application’s required alloy, the coil design will mitigate the use of heavy wall components. In addition, due to the relatively small size and circular shape of the shell, it is possible to custom design units that are able to accommodate shell side pressures up to 5000 psig. Graham’s exclusive WeldSeal shell design eliminates the gasketed shell joint and reduces the size and weight of the unit when accommodating a high-pressure shell side stream.


Heliflow Heat Exchangers offer outstanding operating reliability. The spiral tube bundle eliminates the thermal expansion issues that plague shell and tube heat exchangers because the tube bundle is allowed to expand and contract, the thermal stress on the material and the welded joints of the bundle is minimized. This allows for extended unit life even under the demanding service of high-pressure applications.

For more information, download this High Pressure Application pdf or contact the team at Campbell-Sevey.



What is a High Pressure Application to a Heliflow Heat Exchanger?