Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Coils

Steam heating coils are used in nearly every industry for various industrial ventilation and process drying applications. Because it can be challenging to find a standard coil that fits your exact needs, many companies have custom coils created for them. This provides several distinct advantages: 1. Nearly any type and size of coil can be created Every steam system is unique, requiring solutions that are also unique. With custom coils there is flexibility to produce nearly any type of coil you need, regardless of size or capacity. If all you need is a hot water booster coil for low pressure steam, don’t invest in a standard coil that is far more than what is required. 2. Improved efficiency by lowering operation steam pressure With steam coils, the lower the operating steam pressure in the coil, the more energy efficient the design. Process coils are sometimes designed to use high pressure steam when lower pressure steam will do. It’s a matter of redesigning the heat transfer surface area. In HVAC coil design, fins are responsible for 70% or more of heat transfer while tubes are only responsible for the remaining. By adjusting the number of fins or tubes within the passes the desired heat transfer is achieved as efficiently as possible. 3. Coils can be created for any industry application Every industry has different coils needs based on the application. For instance, steam or hot water face velocities are not the same as chilled water or direct expansion. For steam or hot water, 800 feet/minute is ideal. For chilled water or refrigerant, 500 feet/minute is ideal. A custom coil takes those requirements into account. Custom steam coils can be manufactured for a variety of industries including:
  • Grain/seed processing facilities
  • Pulp/paper processing facilities
  • Dairy processing facilities
  • Food processing facilities
  • Power plants
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Petroleum/chemical plants
  • Textile factories
For more information on creating a custom coil to meet your specific needs, contact the team at Campbell-Sevey.
Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Coils