The Value of a Great Partnership? In This Case Over $35,000

Recently Campbell-Sevey joined CenterPoint Energy in handing a $35,061 rebate check to one of our valued customers for the energy saving projects they’ve invested in recently. They documented a remarkable energy efficiency cost savings of 9%! Plus, the projects created a safer, longer lasting system. Here is a brief overview of the recent projects. The facility is used for primary research and development and comprises over half of a million square feet of space. The original facility was built in 1958, with multiple additions constructed over the years. These latest two energy-saving projects involved performing a steam trap survey with follow-up steam trap replacements of failed traps. An insulation survey of the steam piping was then performed and custom removable, reusable insulation blankets were installed on the valves, steam traps, and strainers throughout the facility. Typically, this is equipment that remains uninsulated for the life of a building. One small mechanical room experienced a significant 10 degree drop in temperature. This is a room that was historically quite warm and is now comfortable in which to work. Campbell-Sevey has had a long relationship with the customer to ensure the facility operates at peak efficiency. With our superior knowledge of steam, air and water systems we can find the right products and solutions to fit their specific requirements. Here is a list of many of the products Campbell-Sevey has provided to the site:
  • Steam Generation
    • Water-tube boiler
    • Tray-type deaerator
    • Surge tank
    • Stack heat recovery economizer with rebate
    • Stack
    • Direct-fired make-up air heater
  • Distribution
    • Insulation with rebate
    • Multiple steam trap surveys with rebates
    • Steam traps and rebates
    • Steam trap valve stations with rebates
    • Wireless safety valve monitors
    • Wireless steam trap/safety valve monitoring system
    • Strainers
    • Steam filters
    • Safety and relief valves
    • Check valves
    • Actuated ball valves
    • Separators
    • Steam pressure regulators
    • Control valves
    • Piston-style steam shut-off valves
  • Utilization
    • Water heater skids
    • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Condensate Return
    • Flash tanks
    • Condensate return pump skids
The value of partnerships with energy system experts like Campbell-Sevey is in having a partner you trust provide you the best products at the best value so you reap the highest returns on your investment through peak efficiency. That is exactly what this customer has done. And with partners like Campbell-Sevey and CenterPoint Energy, they’ll reap those returns for decades to come. Contact the team at Campbell-Sevey to learn how we can best serve your needs and maximize your energy savings.
The Value of a Great Partnership? In This Case Over $35,000