Steam Energy Conversation Seminar

Want to Learn About Steam Systems? Don’t Miss Our Steam Energy Conservation Seminar

Want to Learn About Steam Systems? Don’t Miss Our Steam Energy Conservation Seminar

Make the Most of Your Steam System with Campbell-Sevey’s Steam Energy Conservation Seminar

Learn How to Operate and Maintain a Highly Efficient Steam System Course Overview: Proven Ways to Save Energy, Time and Money Gain knowledge and improve your skills as textbook information is converted into practical field applications on a “live steam system” at Campbell-Sevey’s offices in Minnetonka, MN. Through the use of 300 glass piping, glass models, and cut-away parts, you will get a live look at how the behavior of various steam system elements. This seminar will help you save energy, time and money through proper steam system design and practical guidelines. Participants will learn about steam traps, pressure reducing and relief valve selection, operation and testing. Course Topics Include:
  • The steam basics of generation, distribution, utilization and return
  • Types of steam traps
  • Steam trap operation, testing and sizing
  • Pressure reducing station layout and design
  • Safety relief valve sizing and repair
  • Heating and cooling coil design and piping layout
Lasting Benefits: Practical Steam Trap Tips and Training
  • How to save energy, time and money through efficient steam trap usage
  • How to identify defective steam traps
  • How much defective traps are costing your facility
  • Guidelines for establishing a steam trap monitoring program
  • Longer service life on steam equipment
Who Should Attend: Personnel responsible for overall steam system operation, maintenance and utility efficiency. Including:
  • Plant Managers and Operators
  • Operations Engineers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Energy Managers
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Learn Steam Basics
  • Why do we use steam as a heat transfer medium?
  • What are sensible heat and latent heat?
  • How does pressure drop affect temperature at the end use?
  • What is flash steam and why is it important?
  • What is superheated steam and where is it used?
Learn Steam Trap Operation
  • Trap operating principles
  • Recommended application for each type of trap
  • Different trap styles
  • Advantages of each trap style
Learn Proper Piping Practices
  • Steam distribution systems
  • Space heating equipment
  • Process air heaters
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
Learn about products that help you implement the best technologies See how to make trap testing simple, accurate and quick. These tests result in energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Have nagging condensate problems? Learn how pumping traps eliminate the need for electric pumps and put an end to blown seals and leaks. Learn what goes into the design of quality heating/cooling coils. See why materials and manufacturing make a difference in performance. Seminar attendees also receive a free “Steam Team: Great Under Pressure” t-shirt. It’s tough to be “Great Under Pressure”, but with Campbell-Sevey’s “Steam Team” t-shirt you’ll look great doing what needs to be done. These heather grey shirts are a comfortable cotton/poly blend that holds up well.
  • 6.0 oz., pre-shrunk 90/10 cotton/polyester
  • Double-needle stitched neckline, bottom hem and sleeves
  • Quarter-turned
  • Taped neck and shoulders
  • Seamless seven-eighths inch collar
  • Available in sizes S-4XL
Steam Energy Conversation Seminar