Tech Tip: Converting Armstrong's Brain Model EMS with the DRV40

From 2000 to 2012, Armstrong sold more than 1,000 Brain Model 32rmx-R, EMC-1, EMC-2 and EMC-3. The “RED” valve in these assemblies was the 32rmx. The 32rmx became obsolete in 2012 due to the introduction of the DRV40 Digital Recirculating Valve and the US “Lead Free Law” that went into effect in January 2014. Neither the complete 32rmx valve or the “wetted” part would be “Lead Free” compliant.

Instead, Armstrong offers the DRV40. It’s constructed with all stainless steel “Lead Free” compliant wetted parts. The improved design offers digital control, programmable alarms, safety shutdown temperatures, +/- 2F control plus a 5-year warranty.

So if you have a 32rmx in the field that requires servicing and it is determined that any of the internal wetted parts need replacement, we can’t sell the internal parts as that are not “Lead Free” compliant. The only option is to retrofit the 32rmx with the DRV40.

To help clarify this process, Armstrong has developed schematics showing the steps required to convert an EMC-1 or EMC-2 package with a DRV40.

Other points to remember when converting an EMC-1 or EMC-2 package:

  1. 4-20MA signal is no longer available with DRV40 or DRV80 Gen 2 valves. Add Brainscan if you would like to monitor and control from a remote location.
  2. The combination ball valve and strainer in the EMC-1 and EMC-2 packages is not available in “Lead Free” compliant material. A separate ball valve and strainer should be installed in its place if the contractor is looking to replace it.
  3. DRV40 batteries need to be changed out periodically. When retrofitting the EMC-2 package with two DRV40, due to space, the top DRV40 may not have room to remove the batteries or service the drive housing. It may be necessary to take the complete valve out of service.

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Tech Tip: Converting Armstrong's Brain Model EMS with the DRV40