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Rebates Provide Incentive to Improve Efficiency Now

Minnesota utilities collectively budgeted over $180 million for energy efficiency and load management programs in 2014. As an Xcel Energy Energy Efficiency Partner and a CenterPoint Energy Trade Partner Ally, Campbell-Sevey helps our customers leverage rebates to reduce capital costs and maximize return on investment.

Xcel Energy offers several business programs and rebates for a wide range of energy-efficient equipment, studies, and many other measures. Their Renewable Development Fund provides grants periodically through a request for proposals process. Renewable energy technologies eligible for funding typically include wind, biomass, solar, hydroelectric, and fuel cells.

CenterPoint Energy’s natural gas equipment Rebate Program for businesses includes high-efficiency furnace, boiler and other heating system rebates, water heater rebates, foodservice equipment rebates and more. Rebates are also available for process equipment including boilers, boiler and burner tune-ups, and stack economizers.

CenterPoint Energy offers rebates for efficient natural gas-fired equipment including heating systems and components (new and retrofit), boiler tune-ups, water heaters, steam trap repair/replacement, energy recovery wheels & plates, carbon monoxide sensors, infrared heaters, foodservice equipment, pipe insulation (retrofit) and more. CenterPoint Energy’s Custom Rebate Program is designed for the unique equipment needs of commercial and industrial customers, making it easier to increase energy efficiency and savings. 

The team at Campbell-Sevey is knowledgeable on all utility rebates available and is widely recognized for our work in helping companies save energy and money. Contact us today to discuss your situation.

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