• New Design With Gauge Taps
    Titan’s ys62 has convenient gauge taps furnished with a plug on both the inlet and outlet sides of sizes 2″ through 12″. These taps allow for easy installation of pressure gauges to monitor differential pressure and determine when screen cleaning is necessary.
  • Large Straining Capacity
    With its large body and sizable straining element, the ys62 provides excellent open area ratios that are typically two-and-a-half times larger than the corresponding pipeline.
  • Precision Machined Seats
    Precision machined screen seats in both the body and cap help to ensure accurate positioning of the screen during reassembly after cleaning . Also, the machined body seats enable finer filtration by preventing debris bypass.
  • self-Cleaning capability
    With a tapped npt blow-off connection, this unit can be fitted with a blowdown valve which facilitates cleaning of the straining element.
  • Epoxy Painted
    Carbon steel units are epoxy painted to help resist rust and corrosion. Titan fci also offers epoxy coating as an option for the ys62.
  • Optional Cover Designs
    Titan’s ys62 is available with different cover options including swing, clamp,
    and hinge type covers.

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