WT Series Thermostatic Wafer Steam Trap


Stainless steel or carbon steel

For pressures to 600 psig (41 bar) . . .
Cold water start-up capacities to 1,600 lb/hr (726 kg/hr)

Armstrong offers several thermostatic wafer steam traps. The WT-1 is ideal for low-capacity steam tracers and features an exclusive non-welded wafer design, a sealed stainless steel body and an internal strainer screen two to three times larger than that of other thermostatic traps. Choose from NPT or BSPT screwed connections.

The WT-2000 is adaptable to a 360° connector to expand piping options and simplify installation. Choose NPT or BSPT screwed or socketweld connections. The WT-2000 is also available for use on the IS-2 stainless steel connector with integral strainer and can be used with the Armstrong Trap Valve Station (TVS) 4000.

Armstrong’s WT-3 is a carbon steel thermostatic wafer trap for superheated drip service. It features an exclusive non-welded wafer design, which eliminates problems associated with weld stress. The WT-3 has no thin-walled enclosures such as bellows or welded diaphragms. It is also resistant to water hammer. Choose NPT or BSPT screwed or socketweld connections.

NOTE: Since the normal operation of all suppressed temperature-discharge (subcooling) steam traps is to back up condensate, they should not be used on drip legs for saturated steam service, heating or process equipment. Exercise care in the maintenance of any thermostatic wafer trap with a small discharge area susceptible to clogging.

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