Wireless Hart


The HART Communication Protocol has served as the world’s leading process communication technology for smart instruments since 1989. Today, more than 30 million HART transmitters are installed and in service worldwide.

Industry suppliers are manufacturing and shipping HART products in record numbers—75% of the smart transmitters installed are HART-enabled. More HART products are installed in more plants around the world than any other. No other communication protocol comes close.

Wireless technology allows users to access the vast amount of unused information stranded in these installed HART smart transmitters— 85% of the installed HART transmitters. It also provides a cost-effective, simple and reliable way to deploy new points of measurement and control without the wiring costs.

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    • Reduced installation and wiring costs
    • Always on security
    • Adjusts as new instruments are added and to changes in plant infrastructure
    • “Hops” across channels
    • Co-existence with other wireless networks
    • Optimizes bandwidth and radio time
    • Mesh network and multiple access points
    • Protects valuable information with multi-layered security
    • Robust multi-tiered always on security
    • Protects wireless network with channel hopping
    • Reports message integrity failures and authentication failures