Weld-in Line Stop Valves


Armstrong’s SSW and SBW Series are designed and constructed for low pressure drop refrigerant shut-off valves.  The stop valves are welded directly to steel piping, thereby eliminating potential leaky flanges or threaded joints and simplifying installations.

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    • Refrigerants: suitable for all common refrigerants including R-717 (Ammonia), R-134a, neutral, gaseous and liquid media
    • Temperature Range: -50°F to 240°F (-46°C to +116 °C)
    • Temperature Below: -60°F (-51°C) at lower pressure
    • Safe Working Pressure: 365 psig (25 bar)
    • Leak Proof Sealing: Non-metallic special polymer seal and taper seat provides leak proof sealing.
    • Back Seating & Gland Packing: patented stem packing and backseat design.
    • Light Weight & Compact: Ease of Installation
    • Stem: Stainless Steel
    • Flow: Can accept flow in both directions
    • Available in both wheel and vented cap option
    • Port Size: ½” thru 1 ¼” (15mm – 32mm) for Straight and Angle form
    • Connections: Butt Weld (SBW) or Socket Weld (SSW)